Bermuda Adventure and Dive Guide

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"Franko's Bermuda Adventure and Dive Guide - Franko's Bermuda Adventure and Dive Guide is a colorful, accurate pictorial map that is like a guide book on one page. It is not only the most beautiful shaded relief map of Bermuda ever made, with all of the details of the island of Bermuda, but it also contains 10,650 words and many photos all about what to see and do on the island. Bermuda is a subtropical paradise that beckons 300,000 visitors per year to its pink sand beaches, turquoise waters, lush reefs, green rolling hills, historic sites, and quaint towns. There are many great reasons that people from North America and Europe go to Bermuda. High on the list of reasons for visiting Bermuda is that many love to golf Bermuda's famous and spectacular links. Bermuda has world-class golfing. Visitors also love to simply relax on Bermuda's lovely pink sand beaches. Franko's Bermuda Guide & Dive Map shows the locations and descriptions of all of Bermuda's fine golf courses and beaches. Visitors also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving Bermuda's shipwrecks and coral reefs. Franko's Bermuda Adventure and Dive Guide shows Bermuda's best snorkeling spots, and has a comprehensive map of all of Bermuda's shipwrecks and coral reefs, with full descriptions of every famous site. Of particular interest to Franko is that Bermuda is famously noted amongst divers for having the world's best wreck diving , with five centuries of shipwrecks strewn all around the island's treacherous encircling reef. That means that not only is Bermuda full of interesting history above the water, but below the water it is even more interesting. Bermuda is also famous for having the northernmost coral reefs in the world, with many of the same fish, corals, sponges and invertebrates as the Caribbean Sea, 1,000 miles to the southwest. Regardless of why you travel to Bermuda, you must snorkel these pristine, fish-filled waters. For others Bermuda is a place to gather for weddings or to have a perfect honeymoon, and a few smart business people schedule their business meetings and conferences in Bermuda. Franko's Bermuda Guide & Dive Map shows these folks all of the favorite things to see and do while they are visiting Bermuda. When you visit Bermuda, using Franko's Bermuda Guide & Dive Map, of course, you will also find that 68,000 smiling Bermudians, who all speak English, but with a certain Bermudian lilt, are thrilled to welcome you and share their island. They love to spread the good will of their unique upbeat multiracial heritage. Bermudians are the friendliest mixture of people on earth. However, a word of caution is warrantedÉ.If you study Franko's Bermuda Guide & Dive Map it will cause you to go to Bermuda! You will not be able to resist Bermuda's call, because the map proves how amazing and interesting this world-class destination is. You will fall in love with Bermuda just by studying Franko's Bermuda Guide & Dive Map! Enjoy your trip to Bermuda!"