Bonaire Reef Creatures Identification Guide (Fish Card)

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Bonaire is one of the worlds most fabulous places to look at reef life and the Creatures depicted here are 100 or so of the most common and favorite. This fish card also shows a mini-Frankos Map of the wonderful island of Bonaire which is entirely surrounded by a marine National Park out to a depth of 200 feet. Dive sites numbered 1 through 60 mainly on Bonaires leeward side are located and listed as are the 26 dive sites with the letters AA@ through AZ@ which surround Klein Bonaire. A few of the pelagic species that frequent the area of the Netherlands Antilles including whale sharks manta rays and dorado are depicted on side one. Side two is where 100 plus Caribbean reef creatures are depicted. Everything from butterflyfishes to wrasses and damsels to parrot fishes are shown. A sampling of Bonaires fabulous invertebrates are shown too including the lobster coral crab black sea cucumber and cushion sea star. The vivid colors of this Bonaire fish card will make you want to be there. When you go make sure to take Frankos Bonaire fish card with you so that you will more easily be able to identify the creatures you see when you scuba dive or snorkel in the best underwater national park in the world.

ISBN 1-931494-97-5