Cayman Islands Mini-Map and Reef Creatures Identification Guide (Fish Card)

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The Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman Little Cayman and Cayman Brac - hae so much fabulous underwater scenery and so much sea life that this Frankos fish card just had to be created. Side one is a mini-Frankos Map for each island showing their respective major scuba and snorkeling sites. Scaled down maps show the islands major features and the descending blue hues of the water indicate depths as they increase all along the famous walls of the Cayman Islands. Side two depicts 100 plus Caribbean reef creatures found commonly in Cayman waters. Although one could never really depict the beauty of reef creatures or their environment this is an amazingly colorful rendition of a huge number of species. Nature supplied the beauty Franko just tried to show it in a form so that the scuba diver or snorkeler could identify the creatures first hand. Fabulous angelfishes parrotfishes damsels wrasses groupers snappers rays and chromis are but a few of the types of fish shown. But of course! This is the Cayman Islands so certainly the most famous fish of all must be shown and that is the lovely Southern Stingray. There are also a number of colorful corals and sponges plus a team of invertebrates awaiting your discovery. This fish card will have you dreaming of your next (or first) trip to the Cayman Islands for sure. Say Asood Day@ to everybody for Franko when you are there.

ISBN 1-931494-98-3