Crystal Cove Underwater Park & Kelp Forest Creatures Identification Card

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Frankos Map of Crystal Cove Underwater Park & Kelp Forest Creatures Identification Card Side 1 shows Frankos Map of Crystal Cove Underwater Park is a part of Crystal Cove State Park and lies right between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. It is Orange Countys only remaining pristine piece of coastline. Special thanks to The Cygnet Foundation and the sponsorship of the Crystal Cove Alliance for funding this fish card which serves as a fund-raiser for the Crystal Cove Underwater Park environmental protection. Three miles of coastal bluffs sand and tide pools comprise the underwater parks land boundary and kelp forests rocky reefs and sandy flats at a depth of 120 feet make the seaward boundary. Crystal Cove Underwater Park extends rom Fameo Shores by the Pelican Hill Golf Course on the north end to Abalone Point on the south end. The map shows Crystal Coves abundant recreational spots including: Surfing spots (Elevators Scotchmans Cove Sammys the Historic District Pelican Point and Treasure Cove); Scuba diving spots (Corsair wreck Reef Point & Scotchmans Cove Rocky Bight & Crystal Cove and Pelican Point & Treasure Cove); Snorkeling spots (Aquariums at El Moro Beach Two Historic Anchors from the 1850's Scotchmans Cove Pelican Point and Treasure Cove); Kayak Launching (El Moro Beach Crystal Cove and Treasure Cove); Best Swimming areas (Treasure Cove Historic District 3.5 Cove Muddy Creek and El Moro Beach); and Best Tide Pools (North end of Treasure Cove Pelican Point Rocky Bight and Reef Point). Crystal Cove State Park basic rules and information is also shown. Frankos Crystal Cove Underwater Park fish card was a project which began in late 2001 as the very first of Frankos fish cards which include La Jolla Shores and The Yukon. However it was not finally published until early 2004. It is so good it was worth the wait. Side 2 shows Crystal Cove Underwater Park Kelp Forest Creatures in a real kelp forest with a sandy bottom. Over 5 dozen species include fishes anemones rays sharks seals sea stars a spiny lobster and much more. The list includes: sardines blacksmith topsmelt halfmoon zebra perch Garibaldi opaleye kelp greenling rainbow surfperch harbor seal cormorant California sea lion sargo treefish bocaccio pile surfperch black surfperch leopard shark sheephead kelp bass senorita yellowtail rubberlip surfperch walleye surfperch blue rockfish starry rockfish bat ray rock wrasse barracuda white sea bass giant kelpfish blackeyed goby copper rockfish lingcod giant sea bass barred sand bass great sculpin Spanish shawl spotted scorpionfish cabezon olive rockfish octopus horn shark blue shark blue-banded goby spiny kelp crap white plumed anemone bat star thornback ray sea cucumber shovelnose guitarfish purple urchin spiny lobster strawberry anemone gorgonian sea fan moray eel California Halibut C-O turbot sunflower star ochre seastar crowned urchin eel grass and giant kelp. This is the most complete fish repertoire of any of the kelp forest fish cards to date.