Florida Keys Guide & Dive Map (folded)

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"Franko's Map of the Florida Keys ' Guide to the Diving and Snorkeling Capital of the World. Franko's Map of the Florida Keys is a guide map and a dive map. The sub-title, "Guide to the Diving and Snorkeling Capital of the World", refers to one of the dominant reasons for visiting the Florida Keys , and that is to scuba diving or snorkel the wonderful and beautiful coral reefs found offshore. The Florida Keys are situated beyond the southern tip of the state of Florida, and are comprised of low-lying islands following a graceful southwesterly arc for over 100 miles, all connected by highway. Offshore, the Florida Keys are paralleled by spectacular Caribbean coral reefs at the edge of the Straits of Florida. The title side (side 1) of Franko's Map of the Florida Keys is a wonderful, colorful depiction of the Keys, showing the details all along 100 miles of Highway 1, from Key Largo to Key West. The water is in beautiful, inspiring descending shades of turquoise ocean blue, depicting the underwater bathymetry of the Florida Keys. The best features the five main districts of the Florida Keys, which includes Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys, and Key West are described like a condensed guide book. However, since this is indeed the Diving and Snorkeling Capital of the World, each over 100 of the best known and favorite dive sites all along the Florida Keys is pointed out and described. Looking at the side 1 of Franko's Map of the Florida Keys you will note that in the Key Largo area there is a huge park which is mostly offshore called John Pennekamp State Park. There is so much wonderful diving and snorkeling at this park that more detail of this area is needed, so, just flip the map over to side 2 and you will find a great guide map detail just of John Pennekamp State Park, with details of all of its world famous snorkeling and scuba diving sites, plus its trails, beaches, aquarium and visitor center. There is yet another wonderful piece of the Florida Keys not described by side 1 of the map, because it is 70 miles beyond Key West, and that is Dry Tortugas National Park. This amazing park is visited by boat or sea plane, and features some of the best Caribbean coral reef life anywhere, plus historic sites on the tiny islands. A special detailed map of Dry Tortugas National Park appears on side 2 of Franko's Map of the Florida Keys. As stated, Franko's Map of the Florida Keys details all of 100-plus scuba diving and snorkeling sites, and also many attractions and points of interest found throughout the Florida Keys. However, for most visitors to the Florida Keys the main destination is at the end of the road - or technically the beginning of Highway 1, and that is Key West. There are so many cool things to see and do there, including museums, historic sites, shopping, food, and the Southernmost Point in the Continental United States, with its concrete monolithic marker pointing to Cuba, 90 miles away. Key West, of course, deserves and needs a map just for itself. And so actually I put two maps of Key West on side 2. The first map of Key West shows the whole of Key West, pointing out where everything is, including landmark hotels stores, and points of interest. But the downtown area of Key West, where all the cruiseship passengers come in, and where much of the action and adventure happens, also needs to be detailed. And that is why there are two Key West Maps. The second is a zoom-in of Key West, with all the close-up details you need to know all about Key West, with what to do and where to go. And there is so much there! Key West is a terrific place to visit, whether or not you intend to get in the water. You will figure that out the minute you start to study your own copy of Franko's Map of the Florida Keys."