Flowers of Hawaii Viewbook

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This large pictorial book contains an incredible collection of exotic tropical flowers and foliage. It is a tribute to the skills of Maui photographer Jacob Mau.

Photographed entirely in Hawaii this book contains an assortment of our most common tropical flowers such as hibiscus plumeria orchids and anthuriums. In addition it includes other exotics or tropical flowers from elsewhere that are now prolific in Hawaii such as heliconia bird of paradise and protea.

This book is an effort to show the viewer those flowers of Hawaii that a visitor is most likely to encounter both in the wild or in their hotel lobby. A selection of tropical flower arrangements is included. These flowers have made a contribution to the color and beauty of Hawaii.

Photos by Jacob Mau

A high quality 32 page 10 X 13 photography collection.

ISBN 1-886229-14-7