Guam Fish Card (43101)

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Franko's Guam Reef Creatures Identification Guide (Fish Card)

A world-class dive destination such as Guam deserves its own Franko Fish Card. These are dozens of great reef dives and many wrecks to dive and even one site where a World War II wreck The Tokai Maru sits touching a World War I wreck the SMS Cormoran. This is the only known place in the world where one can see wrecks from two World Wars side-by-side. This handy 6x9 fish card is a great souvenir of Guam and it is also a waterproof fish guide that could be taken diving or snorkeling for identification of over 7 dozen of Guams most prominent and beautiful reef creatures. Side 1 of this classy fish card is a miniaturization of Frankos Guide Map of Guam showing the names and locations of Guams famous dive spots. Side 2 of the Guam fish card shows the reef creatures common to Guam as well as much of Magnificent Micronesia.

ISBN 1-931494-46-6