Guide Map of Guam U.S.A. (Folded)

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This map is of the whole island of Guam. The island is shown in fabulous chartreuse shaded relief so the viewer can see the island topography as it stands out like a beautiful emerald on descending hues of ocean blues which represent the true depth contours of the surrounding North Pacific Ocean. Every hill and valley and the streams that flow out of the mountains to become Guams numerous rivers can be visualized clearly. It is interesting that the United Stated Geological Service produces digital data which can be translated into this beautiful shaded relief by a very sophisticated computer program called Arcview. Thanks to this data this map is visually amazing and accurate. The contents are just as amazing largely thanks to the inventor of Guam tourism himself Mr. Bert Unpingco. Bert knows everything about Guam and he knows everyone who could help on this maps production - and they did.