Hawaiian Island Chain (Folded)

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Frankos Map of The Hawaiian Islands is a beautiful full view of the Hawaiian Islands chain including the four main islands Oahu Kauai Maui and Hawaii plus the other two main islands Lanai and Molokai and the uninhabited island of Kahoolawe and the forbidden island of Niihau. The beautiful islands are shown in green shaded relief against a fabulous series of descending shades of ocean blue as the waters around the Hawaiian Islands descend to over 3 miles deep. This map is similar to Frankos dive maps if Oahu Kauai Maui and Hawaii in that it shows the lovely Hawaiian state fish the Humuhumu Nukunuku Apuaa as well as 80 other Hawaiian reef creatures. Since the beautiful sea and its wonderful creatures are so important to Hawaiians as well as to visitors of the Hawaiian Islands it is nice to depict the fishes and corals on the very face of the map. Franko is the original Aqua-nut since 7th grade and thus this fishy theme will always be a part of Frankos Maps of the Hawaiian Islands as well as other islands and coasts. The islands indeed look absolutely beautiful like green jewels and the tropical Hawaiian reef creatures add to the beauty of the map. For Hawaiian Islands cruise ship tourists Frankos Map of the Hawaiian Islands shows the relationship and distance between the islands ports o call. However it is the flip side of the map that more closely defines the details of these ports including Honolulu on Oahu Hilo and Kona on Hawaii the Big Island Lahaina and Kahului on Maui and Lihue (Nawiliwili Harbor) on Kauai. However side 1 of the map also defines the basics of each of the islands of Niihau Kauai Oahu Molokai Lanai Maui Kahoolawe and Hawaii with a description of island facts such as area and population just as an atlas of the Hawaiian Islands might read.