Island of Hawaii Viewbook

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This large pictorial book contains scenic views of Hawaii. Known as the Big Island Hawaii contains more land area then all the other Hawaiian islands put together. Hawaii is geologically the youngest Hawaiian island with active volcanoes that continue to expand the shoreline area and add new lava lands. Hawaii contains incredible diversity including rainforests snowcapped mountains deserts lava lands white and black sand beaches isolated tropical valleys and active volcanoes

This book is designed to take you on a trip around the island beginning with the county seat Hilo. From here we go through the volcano area around South Point past the Place of Refuge to Kailua-Kona. We then visit the hotels on Kona's Gold Coast cross the Parker Ranch visit the North Kohala coastline and return to Hilo.

Photos by Douglas Peebles

A high quality 32 page 10 X 13 photography collection.

ISBN 1-5916206-6-X