Island of Kauai Viewbook

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This large pictorial book contains scenic views of the island of Kauai Hawaii. Kauai whose Waialeale summit is the wettest spot on earth is appropriately known as the Garden Island. The fourth largest Hawaiian island Kauai holds incredible diversity. In addition to tropical rainforests waterfalls and Hawaii's only river Kauai contains the Waimea Grand Canyon of the Pacific the Napali coastline a dry west end and some of our State's finest white sand beaches.

This book is designed to take you on a trip around the island of Kauai. We start at the North shore communities of Haena and Hanalei and work our way around the island to the road's end at the Napali Coast. On our tour we visit Princeville Kilauea the many sights of Wailua Lihue and Poipu Waimea Canyon the Kala Lookout and finally the rugged Napali coastline.

Photos by Douglas Peebles

A high quality 32 page 10 X 13 photography collection.

ISBN 0-9627294-5-0