Kauai Guide Map (Folded)

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Frankos Guide Map of Kauai This is the third in a series of Frankos Hawaiian guide maps made and this one I think is the best. Kauai is such an incredible and awesome island and I had hoped to capture its essence with this map by describing all of the favorite things to see and do on Kauai. I had practice in the Hawaiian guide map craft with my Oahu and Maui guide maps but Kauai is so different that this map was destined to take a huge effort to make it as good as I hoped I could. Now that Frankos Guide Map of Kauai is nished I think Ive done it! I love this map! Kauai is naturally a favorite place. It is hard to say which Hawaiian Island is your very favorite but it is just as hard to say that Kauai is not your favorite. How can a place on earth get more beautiful? How can a place on earth be more lovely and enjoyable? I indeed love Kauai and this map I believe captures that spirit and the spirit of Kauai. This map was done with a lot of perspiration but it was also done with a lot of inspiration. Kauai is so inspiring! The colors and captions on Frankos Kauai guide map are sincerely from the inspiration that comes from Kauai The Garden Isle. After having made a Kauai dive map (Frankos Map of Kauai The Garden Isle ) rst in the year 2000 I had long wanted to capture all of my favorite things to see and do on this magnicent island. Im an ocean lover and so it was natural for me to show all of the tropical shes that one might nd while snorkeling or diving in Kauai as well as the favorite snorkeling and scuba diving spots around the island. I originally intended to only make a dive map of Kauai and the other Hawaiian Islands as well as Franko sh cards (i.e. reef creature identication guides). However there is just so much to each of these wondrous islands to talk about. On Sept 10 2001 my wife and I took our 1st helicopter ride. It was a one hour tour of Kauai guided by a local man who had become a helicopter pilot in Vietnam in the late 1960s. His expertise was great but the sights I saw from the air that day were so incredibly beautiful and awesome that I actually welled up with emotional tears as if I had just had a fantastic spiritual experience. I already loved Kauai and I thought I knew the island quite well. But I found out that there is a whole new perspective of Kauai from the air that gives one a whole new reverence for it. It was the following day the infamous 9/11/2001 that my wife and I were stuck on Kauai - unable to go home to California. Of course there is no _paradise when the world is in disarray but dont you think Kauai is a pretty nice place to be stuck? That is when I rst started thinking about and slowly planning Frankos Guide Map of Kauai.