Kosrae Reef Creatures Identification Guide (Fish Card)

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Franko's Kosrae Reef Creatures Identification Guide shows you all the places and wildlife that you'll see on your next trip through the Federated States of Micronesia. This 6"x9" fish card is waterproof and hole-punched to be attached to your dive gear or neatly stored in your dive log.
The Kosrae map shows major roads, beaches, and dive sites. It plots the locations of many popular sites for diving among the local reefs. The island also has two large conservation areas along the coast with some nearby dive sites.
In addition to water activities, the Kosrae guide shows the location of the island's major hills, waterfalls, and other natural features. It's a convenient way for you to plan your activities both in and out of the water!
Major Kosrae districts include:
Major towns and villages include:
Tafunsak Village
Utwa Village
Walung Village
Malem Village
Tofol Village
Major visitor sites on the island include:
Okat Marina
Bird Cave
Yekula Falls
Pacific Tree Lodge
Camp Driscoll
Sandy Beach Hotel
Kosrae Nautilus Resort
Lelu Ruins
Sipyen Falls
Local reef creatures include:
Arceye hawkfish
Bay octopus
Bicolor parrotfish
Bird wrasse
Blackback butterflyfish
Blackfin barracuda
Blackfin hogfish
Blackspotted puffer
Blacktip reef shark
Blue boxfish
Blue devil
Blue sea star
Blue tang
Bluebanded surgeonfish
Bluebarred parrotfish
Bluegreen chromis
Broad stingray
Bullethead parrotfish
Checkerboard wrasse
Circular spadefish (Batfish)
Clearfin lionfish
Clown triggerfish
Convict tang
Coral grouper
Dusky anemonefish
Eastern triangular butterflyfish
Emperor angelfish
Fire dartfish
Flame angelfish
Flametail snapper
Garden eel
Giant clam
Giant moray
Greasy grouper
Great barracuda
Green sea turtle
Harlequin ghost pipefish
Harold's angelfish
Hawksbill turtle
Humphead bannerfish
Humphead parrotfish
Jewel damsel
Juvenile long-fin spadefish
Juvenile spadefish
Long-fin spadefish
Long-nosed butterflyfish
Longnose emperor
Longnose filefish
Manta ray
Moorish idol
Napoleon (Humphead) wrasse
Orangespine unicornfish
Orangestriped triggerfish
Oriental sweetlips
Ornate butterflyfish
Pacific longnose parrotfish
Peach fairy anthias
Peacock grouper
Pennant bannerfish
Picasso triggerfish
Pin cushion star
Pink anemonefish
Purple queen
Pyramid butterflyfish
Raccoon butterflyfish
Redfin butterflyfish
Redgill emperor
Regal angelfish
Saddleback butterflyfish
Saddleback grouper
Scissor-tail sergeant
Scribbled filefish
Sea cucumber
Sea urchin
Sergeant major
Sharpnose puffer
Shepard's angelfish
Singular bannerfish
Snowflake moray
Spiny lobster
Staghorn damselfish
Starry pufferfish
Teardrop butterflyfish
Threadfin butterflyfish
Three-banded anemonefish
Three-spot Dascyllus
Threespot angelfish
Titan triggerfish
Triton's trumpet
White-Margin unicornfish
White-spotted eagle ray
Whitetip reef shark
Yellow margin moray
Yellowstripe goatfish
Yellowtail coris
Zebra pipefish
Reef growths include:
Magnificent anemone
Sheet coral
Finger coral
Blue coral
Razor coral
Dive sites include:
Blue Hole
Village Reef
Malem Reefs
Hiroshi Point
Utwa Coast
Bully Hayes Wrechk
Walung Drop Off
Yela Wall
Shark Island