Mission Bay (Folded) Paper

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Side 1 shows Frankos Map of Mission Bay including every detail of what is there all roads bike paths parks beaches waterski launches sailing and motor boating kayaking personal watercraft zones swim areas and much more. Outside the bay the beach is shown in detail with every lifeguard tower and some of the features of the famed Wreck Alley where scuba divers explore the HMCS Yukon and other well known wrecks. The open speed zones (Also known to waterskiers and PWC users as Go Fast Zones are indicated with their boundaries and rules. Mission Bays famous spots especially Sea World are shown as well as many other sites like the San Diego visitor information center Bonita Coves scuba diving site (good for lobster hunting) and the major resorts of the bay. The intricate details of Mission Bays bicycle trail system is detailed for the rider jogger or walker who loves to use Mission Bay to keep feeling great. There is also a bit of artwork or interpretive data of the local birds and animals that highlight the scenery of the wetlands around Mission Bay.

Side 2 is a list of all of the rules and regulations that boaters fishermen water skiers PWC users and all other users of Mission Bay must follow to keep out of the field of vision of the local lifeguards and police.