The Default Commission Percent of Order is 10% for everything and anything sold from this store. The Payout threshold is $100.00. Once you have $100.00 in your account, a check will be sent to the party on file at the beginging of the month. Payouts are monthly.

Only people located in the United State (all 50 states) are eligible for this program.

Anyone caught spamming in any method or if we receive complaint for unsolicited emails or newsgroup posts will loose their commissions immediately, no questions asked.

Any questions may be directed to: Affiliate Support


Q: I want to point to only one product or page when my browsers click through. How do I get them to only that part of the store?

A: All you need to do is find the page in our store you want them to go to, than copy the link in the address bar to notepad or any other text editor then add " &Affiliate=my_id " (without the quotes) at the end of the link WITHOUT a space between the link and the " &Affiliate=my_id ". Just make sure you replace my_id with YOUR ID for this to work.

Affiliate Information: