Monterey Bay & Monterey Peninsula Diving (Folded) (21103)

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Side 1 Green shaded relief based on USGS digital data & ocean contours based on NOAA data. Comprehensive dive map road map tourist map & ocean chart. Bike routes & riding distances scuba dive & snorkeling sites & kelp forest creatures. Perfect map of Point Lobos State Reserve for hiking picnicking diving or kayaking.

Side 1 Details showing dive site details ocean contours & bicycling info for the Monterey Peninsula.

Side 2 Monterey Bay from Santa Cruz to Big Sur Monterey Harbor Elkhorn Slough Santa Cruz Harbor & Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Camping kayaking nature watching scuba dives spots & major roads shown. Marine mammals common to area depicted.

Side 2 Details showing Monterey Harbor details

ISBN 1-931494-10-X