Sea Turtle Life Cycle Card

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There are seven species of Sea Turtles. Due to the many threats that sea turtles face worldwide, less than 1 in 1000 sea turtles will survive to adulthood to mate. This card explains the life cycle of the sea turtle.

In order to survive, baby turtles must hatch in the nest and instinctively find their way to safe cover in the sea. At this vulnerable moment during this dash for the sea, sea birds, crabs and larger fish will feast on the babies. The survivors then face many adversities throughput their lives in order to grow into a mature turtle.

Sea turtles live in tropical waters around the world. One of the turtles biggest enemy is humans. In some countries, sea turtle eggs are gathered and eaten or sold in the market place as food. Sea turtles breath air and are very vulnerable in the water. Humans hunt turtles for their meat.

If the story of the sea turtles were to be better explained around the world, their threats from humans could be mitigated. This information card explains in graphics, the life cycle of the sea turtles. In addition, on the back side, the same story is provided in photography.

Please help to spread the story of these wonderful sea creatures and help them to survive.

With aloha from Franko Maps Ltd.